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Introduction to Editing
  • Quick guide to editing on Wikipedia (PDF) - This Quick introduction to editing guide invites you to partner with us for the next cycle of the Art + Feminism initiative. If it’s successful, by the end of this document you will have joined a campaign committed to increasing representation of cis and trans women, non-binary people, feminism, and the arts on Wikipedia.
  • Online Organizer Training (Wikimedia Commons Video) - This video is a full-length training resource for the online organizers that is also relevant for editors. It includes
  1. Introduction: Why Art+Feminism?
  2. Basic Rules of Editing
  3. Wikipedia Guidelines: The Five Pillars
  4. Seven Basic Rules: Neutrality, Verifiability, Originality, Conflict of Interest, Reliable Sources, Notability, and Stub articles
  5. Navigating Wikipedia Pages: User Page, Talk Page, and History Page
  6. Art+Feminism Task List
  7. Editing Example: Ja’Tovia Gary. The structure of Wikipedia articles; Editing existing articles; Editing via visual editor or source
  8. Editing Example: Jen Liu. Creating a new article; Editing in Draft Space
  9. Q&A
  10. Dashboard: How to create a Dashboard page; How to create accounts

Introduction to Wikipedia pages
  • Lesson 2: Navigating Wikipedia Pages (Slides, PDF, YouTube Video) - Beginner Guides to navigating Wikipedia pages.

Introduction to Rules of Editing
  • Lesson 3 - Basic Rules of Editing (Slides, PDF, YouTube Videos Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) - This guideline outlines the basic rules of editing Wikipedia.

Introduction to the Sandbox and Userpage
  • Lesson 4 - Userpages and the Sandbox (Slide, PDF, YouTube Video) - This guideline outlines how to create and use your Userpage and Sandbox page.

Introduction to Adding Citations
  • Lesson 5 - Adding Citations (Slides, PDF, YouTube Video) - This guideline has information about how to use citations when you paraphrase information from a verified source and when you quote a source directly.

Introduction to Adding Images
  • Adding Images (Slide, PDF, YouTube Video) - This guide introduced the process of adding images to Wikipedia articles.

Introduction to Creating New Articles
  • Creating a New Article (Slide, PDF, YouTube Video) - This guide outlines the process of creating new articles on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Introduction Training by Zita and Sophie in February 2020

Full Wikipedia Introduction Training
  • A+F Intro Training (Slides) - This is a complete training guide to editing Wikipedia for beginners.